Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Navaratri 3 - Chandraghanta

We are celebrating the Nine days to call in the Goddess, inspired by the Navaratris from India! 
This festival's celebrations vary lot according to region and cultures but the deep meaning of it is to honor Shakti, the Mother Goddess, the Creator - female energy. So don't be shy to soak it in an make it yours! #createNewFamilyTraditions

Today is day 3 a day to worship Chandraghanta - The Goddess of the Half-Moon. 

This form of the Goddess honors the destruction of our demons and anything that can take our energy vitality and joy away. And this is the last day dedicated to this power of the "destroyer" we all have inside. Celebrate yours!

Share YOUR goddess image, and honor the qualities (and flaws) that speak to you. 
Take this as a healing technique, a meditation a... Remembering of the ancient ways with...


Photo credit: Camilla Albano - Fotografia

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