Sunday, July 5, 2015

Will this matter in a year?

I know it get's messy sometimes. 
I know it feels chaotic often.
I know how it can be overwhelming...

Motherhood. The whole of motherhood experience is just so intense. There is so much that we have to do everyday and on the other hand so much we have to postpone for "later", "some other time", "whenever I finish this", "next year", "during his nap"... Or just so many things we feel we have to put on hold in our lives... Do you relate?
It all feels incredibly fast because the years do seam to fly by, babies turn into toddlers, young boys outgrow their clothes in a week, learn new words in few days... - and at the same time so slow... 

Sometimes so unbearably slow... The number of times we sit still, to nurse a newborn, the nights we lie together in bed reading bedtime stories, and repeating one, two, three times the same book... The slow slow walk down the street supporting a baby trying his first steps and the longest ever trip for grocery shopping managing toddler's curiosity.  
And because of this, I find myself more than ever choosing and selecting what to give importance to. Truly asking myself everyday "will this matter in a year?". 
Today I invite you to do this. And check for yourself our powerful it is!




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