Sunday, July 12, 2015

Today take one deep breathe

Realizing the most precious moment of my day is when I manage to stop for just a second and take one.deep.breathe. This is it.

I go out every morning with my toddler, he sits in his stroller and on the way to the playground I grab some coffee for myself. This ordinary life habit is for me a #sacredritual, and so much healing happens in such a simple task. It gets me out of the house to begin with (for a full time mom I find this is so important!) but more than that I realized that once I have that cup in my hand and I take the first sip... that first sip of warm, fragrant coffee (probably for me infused of so many happy memories) all my body relaxes, I slow down inside out and there is a perfect, deep breathe, almost a sigh, that spontaneous and genuinely just... happens. 
And I think to myself "There! if nothing else, today I had this."

How about you?
When do you, just stop, and breathe?


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