Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dewali Magic

Light and Darkness

Grateful for this balance. Thankful to this new moon's intense energy that made me see further, inquire deeper, question lauder and... Find the way to a higher vibration. 
It was
, I confess.
But we did it. We trusted the process and we performed the rituals, we sat together in front of the Hindu Gods, and I humbly accepted guidance. I did not ask for anything - was feeling way to lost, to tired, to drained, to do so - but I just opened my heart to accept. Accept what needs to come. Almost like I was dropping my head to take a punishment. "Let it come", I thought to myself, but instead... I felt this warm wave of gentleness, understanding, and Love. It all started in my stomach and took over all of my body. I did not feel relief, not just yet, but I felt held. Like in Mother's arms... I cry now, grateful to how magical this was.
And now I see... How it has always been there, in this shape or another, the higher forms of consciousness, the accessible manifestations of The Source, are here, around us, everywhere.
The whole house feels so amazingly light and bright today. Grateful to Diwali times. I don't know if I am becoming a Hindu myself but... Let's #createNewFamilyTraditions, I can say a lot of my darkness transmuted into Light.

I Trust, a little bit... bigger, today.

Share. How did you spend your 11.11 time?

Beautiful images: The Visionary Photographic Art of Chanel Baran


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