Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Be gentle


"Be gentle."
"Be gentle, baby."
"Oh but be gentle, it's a friend."
"Look, it's a snail. It's ok, won't hurt you, be gentle to it."
"Please be gentle to me, I am sorry..."

Realizing this is the sentence I must often use with my son: Be gentle.

Have you thought of it? What is the word, or group of words, you most repeat during your day...?
And how do they sound to you? 
And how does it affect your child?
Have you heard him or her repeating it? Maybe to his toys, in a dream, or to other kids...? 
It is when I hear my words out of my son's mouth that I become aware of the immense power they hold.

And thinking...
What I say to my son is what I want to say to he world.
Because it is through him that I mother the worlds around me... And that I mother myself... 
So what am I saying to myself, every time I speak to him?
What is there inside of me, so ready to come out?


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