Saturday, September 19, 2015

Every Mother is a Goddess

Deep lost in darkness or totally free into light the motherhood experience is for every woman deeply transforming...

For me, I see it always moving into awakening... I see what I like to call the #Motherhoodawakenings happening everywhere, all kind of awakenings:
I see women practicing self-love like never before; setting healthy boundaries they did not knew needed; finally embracing their nature... celebrating their bodies! Finding their sisterhood and honoring each other like a true goddess; setting free their pure creative energy... and like this, simply becoming One with Source. 

Through the practice of the Pure Love becoming a Mother brings, I see women all around me going back into their power... That whole, sacred, ancient power... 
and blooming,
filled with gratitude, 
blessed with the amazing colors of the must mesmerizing beauty. 

And some don't see it. 
We are here to remind them.
We are here to remind you.


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