Friday, August 28, 2015

Sacred Cuddles

#sacredBeginningsDailyReminder series - acceptance.

Does your day look like this right now? 

I say do not fight it.
There is an intense full moon soon shining up in your sky and this might be how some of it's magic looks like...
I meet a few mothers today and they all say the same: "he is so sensitive today"; "mine just wants cuddles"; "they woke up so often during the night, and that never happens"...

This moon, the sky readers tell me, is an intense emotional time and our deepest needs might come to the surface... 

I found that my son's moods and energies are nothing more but the drawing of our #roadmapOfParenting and since I have learned to read it - instead of denying it and trying to draw my own "dream map" - life got much easier.
So accept the full moon's blessings. Good news is that all your psychic powers are stronger... So follow your intuition, do what fells right, do not choose to struggle but accept... It's cuddles day! 
(Uff! I need one!)



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Thank you for showing the beauty of motherhood 

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