Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sacred Self Care

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Did you also...? Learned about self care, or new ways for self care, only since you became a mother?

For me it happen like this. Before I was a mother I would regularly, and simply,
take. care. of myself. 
It was not a ritual, it was not even a routine, it was just... my "normal" me. Everyday I would take my time under a long shower; save some space for a daily gentle yoga stretch; choose to spend uplifting time out with friends; would regularly walk in nature, or just take the long way home enjoying the waterfront view and the taste of the salty air in my mouth... I would join yoga classes and group meditation sessions often to boost my personal practice; and I would feed my soul with good music concerts or just a good book by the pool. 
Before I became a mother I would journal by the moon... and I used to publish my writing; teach acting; perform on stage and... Just travel a lot. All my passions, would be part of each one of my days.

It all changed. 
Huge changes tough me how precious was this "normal me" time. How wise was my dedication to live for pleasure and to celebrate my passions. 
Huge changes brought huge teachings... 
Since I have become a mother I have learned how self care can happen out of the yoga mat; outside of the massage room; away from the ocean (or even away from a quick shower for a couple of days!)...
Mothers, and how much self care is needed (more than ever!), and how crucial it is to accept it changed shape and form...
Since I become a mother I love myself more, and appreciate the sacredness of my path... And now, sometimes self-care happens only inside my head, while I nurse my baby, and I close my eyes...
The current blessings of my life.

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Self care now happens when I choose to tune in inside of me. And I have been wondering: did it ever really happen elsewhere?


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