Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Your words...

#sacredBeginningsDailyReminder series

Today remember how sacred are your words.
Every time you speak to your child, doesn't matter how old he or she is, think about how this will impact their emotions, their inner voice, their lives...


Remember your voice is the background sound of their days, your words are their playlist - what they listen to, over and over again...
And remember to choose.
Every time you say "no reason to cry"; "stop screaming"; "don't say that..." stop and think: what wisdom is it that you are passing on...?

So many of us have been taught like this, to repress how we feel and hide what we wish to say, but times have changed #sacredLiving is here.

What to do instead? 
Hold space.
Only that.
Hold space for your toddler's tantrums; your baby's separation anxieties; your child's first fears...
Let them express themselves, and just listen, acknowledge how they feel, and allow them, like this, to process and heal.

#sacredWord #sacredSpace


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