Saturday, May 23, 2015

My relationship with my own mother changed...

One of the things surprised me during my postpartum period as a #newmom was that my relationship with my own mother changed... Did this happen to you? I found old hidden wounds and also... new ways to connect.

Sharing here "healing the mother wound", from Bethany, a work that I found during that time, and that brought bright light to my path as a mother... and as a daughter... 

"(...) The mother wound is the pain of being a woman passed down through generations of women in patriarchal cultures. And it includes the dysfunctional coping mechanisms that are used to process that pain.

The mother wound includes the pain of: 

  • Comparison: not feeling good enough
  • Shame: consistent background sense that there is something wrong with you
  • Attenuation: Feeling you must remain small in order to be loved
  • Persistent sense of guilt for wanting more than you currently have.
The mother wound exists because there is not a safe place for mothers to process their rage about the sacrifices that society has demanded of them. And because daughters still unconsciously fear rejection for choosing not to make those same sacrifices as previous generations."

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