Saturday, May 16, 2015

Touch is sacred

Are you aware of the power of touch? 

Aware of how much healing lives in a hug?
Aware of how much feelings are shared and strengthened in a kiss...? 
How much unspoken communication happens in a cuddle...?
How much fear is washed away in a herbal bath, baby and mummy together...?
Aware of how much support is real just holding hands...? And how powerful is the nourishment that drips from your breasts...?

Have you thought of this?

Have you thought of how close your heartbeats get while baby-wearing, and how in tune the breathing sounds can go when you co-sleep...?
Did you try intuitively massage your baby and saw the pains and anxieties simply... healed, by your hands alone?

Yes, touch is sacred. And when you become aware of this you are... you accept the healer within... Trust her, that magical healer you have inside. And don't be afraid to explore your skills, your child will guide you.

Because every time you touch each other, you and your child, is full of #sacredbeginnings ...

Having trouble helping your newborn to sleep? Focus on your heart, let it speak to her's.
Struggling with toddler tantrums? Breathe deeply and imagine calm, loving energy flowing down your arms, into your fingers, passing calmness to your child...

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