Sunday, May 10, 2015

After I meditate

I had tons of things on my mind today, texts to write, images to choose, messages to send, mails to reply to... And of course TumTum (my son) to take care of... And then, and then I went to meditate. Yes, it felt like I was too busy to do it but I took 10 minutes during my son's nap to sit at my sacred space, just sit, close my eyes and breathe. The thoughts kept coming to me, and a little voice inside kept saying "you can't meditate now", I was not happy with this voice, I wanted to just say "shut up"! I wanted the silence, the blissful state meditation promises... 
No, it was not happening. And then... Then I accepted the busy, loud thoughts. I stopped fighting them. I allowed them to come, and... Go. And after a while I could not hear them anymore, there was no voice struggling and judging, there was a kind of... silence, I think. Or was it just me, in peace with it all? Either way, at some point I feel calm, relaxed, at ease.
And after that... Making myself some tea, I could see how the beautiful pink color was the same as the table cloth, and that made me smile, and that, that only, was enough.



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