Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sacred Beginnings online tribe

We have created the #sacredbeginningsacredtribe 
~ Holding Space for Mothers ~ group Right NOW!!! with Danielle Devaki Gustafson

We will have exclusive inspirations from Danielle (creator of SB program); sharing of yoga for mothers videos; moon phases virtual gatherings; and guidance with intuitive card pulling from The mother's wisdom deck (AND how does Reiki distance healing offers - for both mothers and babies - sounds? We can do that!).

Join in if you are looking for your tribe;
Join us if you have attended a live retreat in the past and wish to connect with other mothers from the #sacredcommunity ;
Join in if you wish to attend a retreat in the future and want to know what Sacred Beginnings is all about;

Join us if motherhood feels lonely, and heavy sometimes... support can also happen ONLINE. 

We hold   s.p.a.c.e.   for you.

Get special announcements first hand and special discounts for THIS tribe ONLY!
(We even have ONE free spot to offer on our next LIVE retreat!) 

Who wants to join us?

Click on the link bellow and make a join request <3
Bring your friends, take a seat, get comfortable, this is our #sacredspace .

See you in my #sacredbeginnings #sacredmama #sacredtribe ! 

With much love from,

Sacred Beginnings team

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