Saturday, May 23, 2015

When things get tough...

I will be honest with you, when things get really tough, I meditate. 
And no, do not picture me siting alone, crossed legs, hands in prayer mudra, eyes closed, singing mantras, no. That is not how I meditate, at least not most of the times. I will tell you how it goes.

Last night was not easy for me... I mean last couple of nights haven't been easy for me. Or maybe more than a couple, to be honest it fells like weeks... my baby is been waking up often in the middle of the night and I get out of bed in the morning feeling exhausted. It is so easy to loose your patience when this happens, it is easy to blame it on your skills as a mother and think you are doing something wrong... or even to blame it on your baby and feel he is the one giving you a hard time. It is then, when I feel these things, that I meditate. 
Yesterday I was nursing my baby, trying to help him back to sleep, I was feeling so helpless until... Until I took a moment to focus inside and give myself time to calm down. I just felt my feet, I just focused on my feet on the floor and I imagined them bare and raw, flat on the moist brown dirt, as I spoke to Mother Earth. I did not use any fancy prayer I said this: I am your daughter, please help me to connect with my child and his needs, please support me in my path as a mother, please inspire me with the needed patience and kindness and please help me to welcome peace into my being.
I immediately felt at ease, from my feet up my legs, all the way to my heart chakra I felt bliss coming to me... I opened my eyes and saw my baby's face, he had fallen asleep...

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