Friday, April 17, 2015

Doula Love

I can't tell you how much it moves me the Love work and support birth workers and postpartum caregivers do. How SACRED it is to be able to GIVE like this, with such HEART, with such PASSION and MAGIC.

An AMAZING text and INSPIRING work from a #sacredsister .
(And if you have a story on postpartum care, as a giver or a mother please feel free to SHARE it with us, we are here to share, EMPOWER, inspire!)

"Although not all birth workers are mothers, the ones who do have children typically find their passion for birth work as a result of their own birth story.

There are as many unique, beautiful birth stories as there are mothers, and if you listen to a woman's birth story, a memory which stays with her for life, it was either a wonderful empowering birth or a memory that has left her feeling sad in some way.  Something was not right in how she might have been treated, or maybe she felt powerless in her experience.  

During the birth of my third child, it was the loving touch and words of a female companion that made all the difference in the world.  When she told me I was doing a beautiful job, I felt like Angels were speaking to me.  Her words made me feel strong, powerful and beautiful.  

Ever since I became a mom, and because of the impact those words of encouragement had on the way I felt during labor, a passion for everything pregnancy & birth started to grow inside me.  I wanted to become involved in this work and I knew I wanted to be a birth doula and/or a childbirth educator so I could impact other women in the same way.  

I am a birth doula and a childbirth educator because I want to support pregnant & laboring women through their journey, so they can be blissfully concious about what is going on with them both physically and emotionally.  I love sharing information about comfort measures, teaching HypnoBirthing and simply just reaching mothers-to-be and their partners in any way possible.  

As a birth doula and childbirth educator I also work with the woman's partner to ensure they are confident in their natural ability to support the woman they love.  My role as a birth doula is to compliment what they do, to become a team with them and offer them support as they are supporting the mother-to-be. 

Supporting Mommas during their pregnancy,  and being with them during their labor & birth as well as honoring & being witness to their journey during their postpartum healing is WHAT I LOVE TO DO. 

This is what birth doulas do, and it is both fulfilling and rewarding beyond words. Pregnancy, labor & delivery are intense experiences which stay with the mom and last a lifetime. My passion is being a part of this journey by offering support & comfort to the Mommas with whom I work and making the experience as wonderful as possible.

In addition to the prenatal and labor work I do, I am absolutely fascinated with the importance and impact that a mother's postpartum healing carries with it. Gentle and appropriate postpartum healing and caring is not only needed for the baby, but for the new mother as well.  In the United States, we are finally starting to realize that HOW a mother feels and cares for herself as well as the love and nurturing SHE receives after giving birth is of utmost importance.  A happy mom means happy baby and happy family. Because of this, I started to make Bengkung Belly Binds.  

A Bengkung Belly Bind is a traditional Malaysian way of binding the mother during her postpartum recovery.  The benefits of a Benkung Belly Bind are not only physical, but also emotional and spiritual.  Our Bengkung Belly Binds are hand-dyed in beautiful color combinations and made with the most care.  Our stitching is second to none and all of this is done because we know she deserves the best and most beautiful healing available.  Hours of selecting colors, and rinsing, stitching and ironing result in a bundle of love that the mother can wrap around her abdomen.  This long piece of fabric offers her support, comfort, warmth and love.  She feels held.  While each piece takes close to 6 hours to make, we make it hoping that the beauty of the fabric reminds her of her own beauty.  My dream is that one day EVERY new mom wears her bengkung belly bind with pride and a smile, I want her to feel beautiful and strong and powerful and if i can help this happen by making beautiful belly binds then I have done something special.  Women should celebrate who they are and what they do, because we are totally amazing!!!!"

Hands stained from Love

~ Precious Birth Doula
Mother to three

This is #BellyMagic #postpartumLove
#bengkung LOVE!
Check more of this amazing work here (and enjoy how the colors on the fabric look like... Art! Search for images, insights, inspirations, enjoy!)


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