Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Moon vision board

Are you ready? 
Today is re-birth day! 
Time for #sacredbeginnings .

Do you follow the moon and it's magic? I've heard today is a great day to create a vision board... I am thinking of getting those crayons and invite my son to join me drawing and writing what I wish to welcome into my days, what I want to manifest in my world.
What about you?
Share with us your #sacredrituals .

Grateful for the Moon, for it's changes and new opportunities to dream, plan, meditate, celebrate, and manifest.

Grateful for these images from Paulina 
(More on her work:
Breastfeeding photo by Paulina Splechta Photography, Breastfeeding Photographer ).
And for the so, SO inspiring Goddess Circle page 


Explore more of Sacred Beginnings program:

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