Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mothers writing

For me #sacredbeginnings is about INSPIRING, empowering, supporting, nourishing... Mothers.

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 For me a huge part of this is SHARING, holding space to just be, to just give, to just listen...
And one of the most amazing tools we can use to hold space for ourselves is WRITING. Journaling our feelings, our thoughts (our lives!) is incredibly HEALING, for ourselves, and for the sisters that read us! How many of us started writing (or writing more! Or sharing what we write! Or publishing!) since we became mothers? Yes, I believe it is one of the #motherhoodawakeninnings , this ability to CREATE with words, and without a doubt a powerful #meditationformothers !

A few days a go I asked our #sacredSisterhood to share their blogs and this is the list that BLOOMED from there:

From Gauri

From Cheryl

From Rachel

From Kate

From Molly

I add a few more motherhood blogs that I follow and LOVE:

From Kari

From Stephanie

From Kelle

From Nirrimi

From Paala

From Falan

From Helen

From Ara

This list is not over! Do you have a blog? Share it with us!
Enjoy these amazing texts on what I like to call "motherhood, and it's awakenings" <3 

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