Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mothers meditate

How does this sound to you? Essential? Impossible? A daily routine? Nothing but an intention in your "to do" list...?

Meditation doesn't have to be sitting crossed legged, eyes closed, prayer mudra, empty mind...  For me it hardly ever is!

It can be the wind in your skin, and the way it feels like a caress from Mother Earth;
It can be cooking and the way it allows you to be creative and forget the rest; 
It can be writing and holding space for yourself, your fears and your joys;
It can be just looking at your child sleeping... and how intense, how fulfilling, how perfect this can be...

It can be... walking! Mindfully walking.
It can be... Tell me, what are your motherhood meditations?

Gorgeous images from Megan Soto
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