Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#yogimama poem

It’s OK, Yoga Mama
Baby days, and mama mantra chanting,
Awakes all and triggers the wanting,
Outdoor yoga then, mosquitos breaking-their-fast on me,
Cat under cover, my only companion, and devotee.
Morning moon, such a pleasured sight, 
Me, refreshed, new and light.
A head start on my beautiful family,
Until Lark of a boy joins cat under blanket sleepily.                                                                                       
Solitary time over, adapting now, witnessing meditation,
Nurturing love of sun rise, moon set, lunation,
Seeing resonance with big baby souls,
Kids yoga teacher births, facilitating my roles.
New tangible tools to translate, sing and play,
Letting go should be, come what may, 
Modeling asana, to integrate into Being,
When stardust land feet on Earth, agreeing.

To have more to give, commit to class bliss,
My time, tea, and live, as the Me I miss,
Toddlers energy stores, then blasts into GO!
Creative child making own poses to show.
Deviate from plan, go with flow, and elevate esteem,
Him Golden Son, her Daughter Moon beam.                                     Motherhood, heals, softens, and builds a shrine 
Spiritually growing, symbols, messages, sacred and divine.
Plenty of kids yoga, own practice wanes,
Always returns, human not robot, (although fun games!)
Mother, healer, ally, unconditional, dharma,                                                  In my open heart, forever, I’m Yoga Mama.
Boy and girl practice tree in forest, bridge at riverbank,
Gifts of focus, connect, breathe and relax, to thank,
Memories, piling four family high, sandwiches, sushi rolls,
Giggling, tickling, skin to skin contact imbedded in souls.
Transpired to passion outside home,                 
Postpartum yoginis breathe out OM,
Tender, quiet savasana, restores,                                   Her laughter, energizes, wee one explores.
Belly breathe wise one, wonder-full fresh eyes,
School yoga already, how time flies,
Inhale and exhale, I’ll bow to precious birth days
As I glean wisdom of tweens, teens, mid-life ways.
The journey to women’s circles, a hood and a tribe,
Goddesses, mermaids, with whom I hi-vibe,
Dear Yoga Mama, practice, you are free,
To invert, on a paddle board, balance and see.
 Listen to old souls, “You are your past’s future” – profound…
Yoga moments, for us to share, here on the ground,
Ancestors, ant-sisters, ant-brothers, we are One
Unfolding, bending, stretching; only just begun…..
OM Shanti + Namaste
I have been practicing yoga for 10 years now and its evolved through couples yoga, pre-natal, postpartum, strict sadhana, Kids Yoga teacher training and today I practice freely. I trust my practice is part of me, forever, until one day perhaps I am Grandma yoga-ing at the lake!
Namaste, may your dreams inspire your life.

Charlotte Dewan is a free-lance Children’s Yoga Facilitator (Radiant Child Yoga), is certified to teach Sacred Pregnancy 2 day mini retreats, and is currently working on her Art of Sacred Postpartum and Sacred Doula Certificates. She is so looking forward to taking her Pixie Girl to the Sacred Sweeties Girls Camp this Summer and enjoys many sacred living movement classes…Sacred Year/Sacred Moon/Sacred Ayurveda and now on the cusp of Sacred Medicine Woman and Sacred Scents Aromatherapy for Birthworkers!

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