Saturday, June 6, 2015

Becoming a mother and finding my purpose


- Being his safe place.
- His giggles for no reason.
- Co-sleeping.
- Listening to him breathe and dream.
- Nourishing his body from mine.
- Knowing mama can make it all better.
- Watching him learn and explore the world.
- Finding my purpose. 
- The sigh of relief and contentment when he rolls over next to me and touches me in his sleep.
- Seeing the world through new eyes.
- Having more appreciation for my mother.
- Knowing the word sacrifice.
- Adventures in babywearing.
- Making new connections with a new mama tribe.
- Seeing my husband with new light as a father.
- The feeling of contentment watching him play.
- Having a happy and full heart.
- Looking into his beautiful blue eyes and seeing myself and my husband.
- Learning humility.
- The lessons I'm learning about myself.
- The patience required.
- Knowing what unconditional loves means.
- Knowing each day is a new day to be better, and do better.
- His dimples.
- His "I shouldn't do this but I'm gonna grin".
- The pain my heart feels when he cries.
- The calm my heart feels when I hold him.
- The journey.
- Having more reasons than can be explained or written down but that every mother understands.

~ Kate Hudak
Mother to one

Some time ago #sacredbeginnings asked the women in the tribe to make a list of #100thingsILikeAboutBeingAmother

This week we will be sharing a bit of the beauty that bloomed from this challenge...

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