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She listed 100 joys of motherhood...

... And you can feel this is just the beginning!
Oh how I LOVE our #loveLists ! This one made me cry and laugh, SO grateful to this inspiring mama. Yes, she listed 100 things! <3

So, in this list you can expect only sunshine and rainbows. There is plenty of rain in everyone’s life (including mine); but rain makes the flowers grow in the same way focusing on the positive improves and empowers.

100 things I love about being a mama:

1. I love cuddling my sweet children.
2. I love that my middle babe calls cuddles “snugs”, short for snuggles. “Mama, you snug me?” Oh yes baby love.
The way my youngest, my only daughter, laughs at animals.
4. and the way she laughs when I kiss her before bed and naps. She goes from the most precious little giggle as I tuck her in to asleep in mere seconds.
5. Mama dates. 1:1 time with my children is the ultimate in connection.
6. How thoughtful they can be. On our last mama date, my oldest gave me almost half of his special starbucks treat. I’d only asked for a bite.
7. I’m not sure when it happened, but “being behavior” has become a Kindredism. “Are you being behavior?” “I’m being havior.” A-DOR-A-BLE.
8. Breastfeeding my children has been one of the most amazing things I could have ever experienced.
9. My oldest child has the most gorgeous hair, and proudly knows it.
10. Watching movies with my kids is super fun when their favorites include the Aristocrats and Mama Mia!
11. How much they love daddy.
12. When I offer a hug for as long as they want, and it is minutes.
13. How much FUN they have with the friends who babysit them.
14. How at peace I feel leaving to work with the capable and loving care we have.
15. My children cannot WAIT to go to school in August. I feel wonderful about the opportunities they’ll have a waldorf.
16. I feel safe the knowledge that fair does not always mean equal.
17. My kids would rather top their fro-yo with fruit then candies.
18. They fiercely love their friends.
19. I LOVE baby wearing. The closeness, connection and safety is divine! I feel at one with mothers before me with my babe in a sling.
20. I adore my children’s birthday parties.
21. On the birthday calendar this year is a toddler dance party
22. and a SIX year old’s tie dye celebration.
23. By choosing to be a working mama I am giving my children many gifts and a dynamic maternal figure.
24. HOW cute kids are when they talk on the phone.
25. When I had one kid it was magical.
26. When I had two kids it was a time of extreme growth.
27. With three kids it feels perfect. Everyone is here who is meant to be here.
28. Mothering with a wonderful husband is so right for me.
29. I am in seasoned mama stage, at least for the baby/toddler stuff.
30. My children love animals.
31. I love teaching them things.
32. And I’m thankful that I get to share that task.
33. My introverted oldest can be the bravest.
34. My extroverted second is a great defender of his older bro.
35. They understand some big stuff.
36. Children are amazingly adaptable.
37. And resilient.
38. AND capable.
39. My children are unbelievably beautiful.
40. And they are my greatest teachers.
41. My oldest taught me in the womb to be brave and to celebrate each day.
42. In birth he taught me how strong I am.
43. And in his birth I saw the utter dedication, strength and the depth of love from my husband.
44. He has taught me daily to be accepting and to flow.
45. He is confident and assured of exactly who he is. Supporting that is a privilege.
46. My soul is connected very deeply to my firstborn.
47. My second child is a gift to our family.
48. He brings the gifts of joy, humor, adventure and more
49. and he has taught me to release control.
50. He has taught me to see the beauty in adventure.
51. And I love his enthusiasm for everything.
52. His passion and spontaneity inspire me to step out of my comfort zone.
53. He taught me to really, fully embrace my tribe.
54.The connection he has with daddy is fabulous. I imagine himself as a mini rob.
55. He can go with the flow or against the stream equally well. Happiness radiates from him.
56. My youngest is the jewel in my family.
57. When I met her, born into my hands and my husband’s, I cried loud sobs of joy that my daughter was here. She was for me. She completes our family.
58. She inspires me to be a stronger example.
59. I love her with a protectiveness and ferocity that I didn’t expect for my third.
60. She is so joyful and content.
61. Her brothers love her so beautifully.
62. When I ask for something for viva lou they race to help first.
63. My husband is immensely capable and hands on.
64. Lay mornings when the whole family is in bed are outstanding.
65. Afternoon naps and cuddle-feats might be even better.
66. I love bedtime too. The end of the day when I get to savor this time and connection with my children. 

67. We have a very hands on bedtime routine that I love.

68. I take time to connect with each of my children in special, individual ways.
69. I see them as individuals and love to imagine the people they’ll grow into.
70. I know that they are only “mine” in my heart and only here on earth for a short time. I honor and feel gratitude that they chose me.
71. I am a good mama and model self-love.
72. I show them that mama is dynamic and exciting and passionate.
73. I love how my children talk about my job: “you gonna go help a mama while she gets her baby borned?”
74. I love taking them for ice cream. The pure joy for everyone, mama included, is amazing.
75. We’ve had a weekly part ritual for years, with all our friends, through the school year while weather is nice. I adore it.
76. And in beach weather, really from Marchish-October or even November, we are the ultimate beach bums. Seeing how they light up when I pull out suits is FABULOUS.
77. My kids adore their family. We’ve got awesome cousins and they have a fabulous aunt.
78. Sharing an appreciation and love for the beauty of nature with my babes is wonderful.
79. Time off when you’re a mama is a new kind of joy. The preciousness comes from the intentionality and sacredness.
80. When the house is silent and I go from room to room to kiss heads.
81. When my kids wake me up too early and we make lemonade from lemons and go out for breakfast.
82. Being complimented on my kids restaurant manners makes me blush.
83. Making future plans in motherhood is exciting!
84. That age when they bloom into people, fully.
85. The fabulous sense of style my oldest has.
86. My kids LOVE rest with a passion.
87. My boys are champion caliber climbers! They are so exciting!
88. My sweet jonah never lets a booboo get him down for long.
89. My oldest LOVES his chickens.
90. And making money! He’s a save-er, not a spender. I love seeing him close to his goals.
91. They scarf down healthy foods.
92. Berry picking with my kiddos is one of my favorite things ever ever.
93. And I adore the way my middle says “never. ev-er.ever-ever a-gain!” when he doesn’t like something.
94. The gentle mama ma ma ma ma of my sweet daughter.
95. How my dear Noah said “grills” for girls for years. And his pride for himself when he learned to say it properly.
96. The birth of my daughter, surrounded by my tribe, was a very sacred experience. To bring my girl into the world with the precious women in my life was amazing.
97. Through motherhood my priorities has been refined beautifully.
98. So many friendships and relationships have come into my life through motherhood. I love the forever ones and the fleeting ones.
99. It is a journey, and a precious one for sure.

100. I LOVE being a mama!

~ Cheryl Kindred

mothergoddess of two sons and a daughter

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