Friday, June 19, 2015

Go back to that state of mind... When you were pregnant.

New moon
New Beginnings 

We just passed an intense new moon and I don't know about you but we all felt it very strongly at my place. I could not make time for any kind of sacred ritual. My son did not settle to sleep before 2AM (!!) and me, yes, I did not want to say it, but I was also feeling restless, inside...
Today... today take some time to go back to your state of mind when you were pregnant...

 Like in a meditation take some time to connect to that #newmom you were then, full of hopes and dreams, speaking to your child inside. Remember the sacredness of those moments when you choose to connect with a being you could not yet see, or hear. Remember your openness back then. Remember how willing you were to read any message sent by your unborn child. 
Today, be that open mother, ready to receive, honoring the deep connection you HAVE with this being you hold NOW, you nurse now, that is in front of you, right now. 
Do we often forget, how much we dreamed and longed for this role we now PLAY? Bring this pleasure back to your life as a mother and sprinkle it all over your days... 
Feel how healing this can be for you both.

Enjoy your #meditationForMothers with #sacredbeginnings


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