Thursday, June 11, 2015

The first time they smiled at me...


1) both my babies stared up at me the minute the nurse put them on my chest after being born.
2) The first time they smiled at me.
3) The First time Merida said Mama. 
4) The First time I heard Merida laugh.
5) Seeing how much Merida loves the outdoors.
6) Snuggling with Manny. 
7) Watching Merida read books. 
8) How it's ok to be silly and act like I'm little too.
9) Making food for the minions.
10) Chasing bubbles with Merida when David blows them.
11) Assembling toys is incredibly fun. Who knew?
12) Seeing how Merida loves swings.
13) Watching Merida's face relax as she listens to wind-chimes.
14) Dancing with the babies.
15) Seeing Manny smile affectionately at me every time he sees me.
16) Learning to take pleasure in the little things again.
17) Watching both babies's faces light up when they see their grandma  Liz De Artola
18) Both my kids love Taylor Swift music and are all smiles when I play the 1989 CD. Just like me.
19) Admiring how Merida already lives life with such enthusiasm and independence and Manny's gentle, affectionate, peaceful soul. 
20) There is so much laughter in our home. I just love it
21) I love how, forgiving and non judgemental, children are.
22) I really like how Moms can drink alcohol and copious amounts of caffeinated drinks without having to give any explanations.
23) My heart has, gotten so much bigger since the little ones came into our lives.
24) I love seeing parts of myself and their daddy in their little faces and personalities.
25) I love how Merida opens her arms wide and giggles when I get her up in the morning and how sleepy Manny is.
26) I've definitely learned the value of cat naps
27) It makes me happy when Merida watches me cook.
28) My babies make me want to be the best possible version of myself.
29) I've gotten really good at quoting Mulan and select episodes of My Little Pony. Oh and I know all the songs in Lion King by heart. 
30) The babies have helped David grow into a wonderful and loving father. It is my great honor and pleasure to see how much he loves our babies....

~ Cecilia Elizabeth Cervantes
Mother to two

Some time ago #sacredbeginnings asked the women in the tribe to make a list of #100thingsILikeAboutBeingAmother

This week we will be sharing a bit of the beauty that bloomed from this challenge...

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