Saturday, June 6, 2015

Learning to face fears...


Living number 8...

1. Those 3am feeds when it's only me and my baby awake
2. Seeing those feet that once kicked my tummy from the inside are now kicking a ball
3. Breastfeeding
4. Looking into my daughters eyes
5. Late night cuddles
6. Early morning snuggles
7. Creating magic in our house
8. Learning to face fears I didn't know I had
9. Learning just how strong I actually am
10. Babywearing (I swore I wouldn't before baby, but I did and I adore it!)
11. Brushing that beautiful long toddler hair
12. Knowing true unconditional love 
13. Having a baby hot water bottle in bed
14. Baby spaghetti faces
15. Those little thigh rolls
16. The way my thinking has been challenged and changed
17. Messes are fun
18. Creating a special song just for her and singing it everyday
19. Surprising me everyday with what she can do and what she knows
20. Hearing your child's laughter is the true magic in life

~ Renee Beggs
Mother to one

Some time ago #sacredbeginnings asked the women in the tribe to make a list of #100thingsILikeAboutBeingAmother

This week we will be sharing a bit of the beauty that bloomed from this challenge...

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