Saturday, June 6, 2015

Grateful for mothers and their big heart

#lovelists make me teary... Love this!

- The way I have magical powers to make things better.
- When my oldest cuddles next to me, and when we go over our day, he almost always says “this is my favorite moment”.
- Seeing two brothers that are best friends that have a deep soul connection.
- I learned to love my first birth, a traumatic one, that has shaped me in ways that I never anticipated.
- I love reflecting back on my amazing second birth that gave me so much power and so much healing.
- The way that I get to relieve childhood through their eyes – who doesn’t love puddle jumping and monkey bars.
- That faint milk smell from a baby’s body.
- Being needed and wanted.
- Toothless grins and zippie pajamas.
- Bed sharing with the sweetest little cuddle bug.
- Feeling huge empathy to everything.
- Ice cream treats without guilt – especially when we run after the ice cream truck.
- The amazing and deep intuitive world my wise old soul son has exposed me to.
- The sisterhood of mothers.
- Seeing my husband with our kids and falling in love with him all over again.
- Seeing my mom with my kids and suddenly understanding a lot from my past.
- The close intimacy in breastfeeding.
- Breastfeeding in public and feeling badass about it.

- Placenta pills and the many application of breast milk and just being floored by how f'ing amazing the body is.
- The determined lioness I have become.
- The wonderful, amazing, challenging, honoring task that it is to raise 2 sons to the best of my ability… sons that will be kind and caring above all.
- Daydreaming about the future with them is everything.

~ Erika Bocian
Mother to two

Some time ago #sacredbeginnings asked the women in the tribe to make a list of #100thingsILikeAboutBeingAmother

This week we will be sharing a bit of the beauty that bloomed from this challenge...

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