Saturday, June 6, 2015

Me and my son, we say goodnight to the moon...


Oh these lists make me smile... And I Love number 26.

1. The smiles. 
2. The unconditional love. 
3. Hearing him say new words. 
4. Seeing myself and his dad in him. 
5. Kisses! 
6. Learning what his interests are.
7. Reading stories together.
8. When he snuggles up against me in his sleep in the middle of the night.
9. Waking up to big smiles and giggles, even if we've had a bad night.
10. Soft baby hair.
11. Splashes during bath time.
12. Sharing toys and books from my childhood.
13. The hugs.
14. The laughter.
15. Dancing! 
16. Enjoying snacks together.
17. Breastfeeding (at least, I love that he loves it! Haha) 
18. His delighted "Mama, mama!!" when I get home from work.
19. ...or just enter the room.
20. Seeing him become more and more aware of how things work. 
21. When he starts laughing and running around like a crazy person for no apparent reason!
22. Races! 
23. Watching him enjoy an ice cream cone.
24. Shopping carts with the little steering wheel for him.
25. Mommy and son lunch dates.
26. Saying good night to the moon. 
27. The baby babble.
28. Seeing things as new and exciting through his eyes.
29. The little bops against my hand when I'd lay in bed with my hands on my pregnant belly.
30. The first time I felt him move, like a couple little soap bubbles lightly popping against my stomach. 
31. The amazing people I have connected with through social media since becoming a mother.
32. Becoming a mom has also helped me to finally see what I want to do with my life, career wise. 
33. Playing with legos! 
34. Those quintessential mom moments, like catching your little one coloring on the walls!! 
35. ...or pulling every baby wipe out of the container!
36. The first latch.
37. Napping together.
38. The days before the first steps, where you know it's coming! 
39. And of course the first steps. 
40. The first goofy newborn smile.
41. The first funny little noises where you know they're trying to laugh. I cried when that happened! 
42. Shampoo mohawks.
43. His smiles when we talk to family on the phone. 
44. When he grabs my hand or leans in for a snuggle while we're having a meal.
45. Giving him pony rides on my back.
46. The pure, utter joy as he runs as fast as he can outside.
47. His excitement when his Dada gets home from work.
48. The cute, funny made up words he has for things...

~ Carrie Auwarter 
Mother to one. 

Some time ago #sacredbeginnings asked the women in the tribe to make a list of #100thingsILikeAboutBeingAmother

This week we will be sharing a bit of the beauty that bloomed from this challenge...

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