Thursday, March 26, 2015

Inspiration from Lakshmi ~ Abundance

"The card of generosity, of karma, and gifts. (...) 

Lakshmi rests on a blooming lotus flower, the symbol of transcendence, and her four hands symbolize the four aims of human life: righteousness, pleasure, wealth, and liberation. (...)

She teaches that while you don't need material wealth to feel rich, you must consciously choose to live a life of generosity. (...)

In our path of mothering, scarcity consciousness frequently arises: the sense that we not good enough as mothers, or that we lack the material resources our children deserve. This belief locks us in a continual cycle of guilt and self-reproach. It's time to step back, count your inner assets, and trust..."

~ the mother's wisdom deck 

by Niki Dewart and Elisabeth Marling

This deck is part of the #sacredbeginnings program, and part of my #sacredrituals in days that I need encouragement, guidance, or days I just feel I have failed... maybe days like today...

Do you also, look for inspiration like this? Pull a card for yourself today, sit with it's teachings, and TRUST... 

(Let me know if you don't have access to a deck today, I will pull a card for you!)

Wishing you a happy day, #newmom



Images from Megan Soto from our last retreat, isn't it gorgeous like this mother looks like Lakshmi herself? Uau, inspired.

Want to know more about the Mother's wisdom deck? Check here:

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